Hidden Mickeys of Peter Pan

Know what a hidden Mickey is?  In Disney movies, you can usually find hidden shapes which look like Mickey Mouse (three circles, two small for ears and one large for the head).Hidden Mickey Snow White
Here are some parts of the Peter Pan movie which may be hidden Mickeys:
On Captain Hook's ship, on the back of Hook's chair is a Mickey head. You will notice this while Hook is warming his feet in a tub of water: look closely at the chair to see Mickey's head carved into the top of the chair.

The Lost Boys' tree has knotholes or doors that they dive into to enter the secret hideout. There is one large knothole, and two smaller ones forming the mouse's ears.

On the pirate's ship, near the end of the movie, Wendy's little brother Michael, puts a canon ball in his teddy bear.  Near him, there are 3 canon balls that form a Mickey.

Peter pan opens a present from Captain Hook after capturing The Lost Boys, Wendy and her brothers.  To see the hidden Mickey, which is black you will need to pause immediately at the point when the bomb explodes after the grey smoke starts to come out of the box. The hidden Mickey is a large black shape on the bottom right of the T.V. screen. It happens when he opens the present at 6 o'clock.

At the very end of Peter Pan, as the last scene pans away from the Darling house, the trees/bushes in front of the house in the lower right hand corner make a hidden Mickey.
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