Tinkerbell Toy Mash

I went to a fun children's fair where they had a fun craft called Toy Mashup.  This craft is taking small toys and mashing them up with other toys to create a new object.  It's a great way to use up those junky little toys that we often throw away or give away.  All it takes are toys and a hot glue gun.
Here is a toy mashup I created that I love so much I just wanted to share.  It definitely tells a story:
Tinkerbell:  I may not be a Disney Princess, but I'M magic, I can FLY and I'm the most popular Disney Character!
Belle:  Oooh, Tinkerbell you have such a bad temper
Doc:  OOH, girls fighting, I can't wait for that
Snow White:  Ladies calm down , everyone is special
Disney Princess Catfight