Tinkerbell Movie: Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure on DVD and Blu-Ray


Release Date:27 October 2009 (USA)
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Tinker Bell has a new magical adventure beyond Pixie Hollow.  In the upcoming Tinker Bell movie, we will find out how the Pixies make their magic dust. In Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, there will be a voyage in a hot air balloon with her new friend a lightning bug named Blaze.  They embark on an enchanting journey to find a new moonstone, the source of the Pixies mystical dust. In this adventure, there will be amazing encounters, and a daring rescue by her old friend Terence.  Tinker Bell learns the true meaning of friendship while learning a lot about herself in the process.
Characters in TinkerBell and the Lost Treasure:
Tinker Bell: Tink is as feisty and temperamental as ever and still lovable. Her fairy talent for tinkering has earned her the honor of creating a new autumn scepter to hold a beautiful moonstone, the key to renewing the Pixie Dust tree. When the scepter accidentally breaks, she embarks on a dangerous adventure to a lost island far north of Never Land, in search of a scary shipwreck that may hold the key to fixing the scepter.

The Four Fairy Friends: (Silvermist, Fawn, Rosetta, Iridessa): Big Sisters to Tink, they are fairies who travel to the mainland for the change of seasons

Rosetta a garden fairy: Ro wants every friend, flower, and fairy to look their best. She will patiently spend hours turning a pumpkin the perfect shade of orange or mixing up a brilliant blend of flower petals for fairy fireworks.
Silvermist is a water fairy: With her calm demeanor and sympathetic ear, she is always eager to lend a friend a hand or give advice. Whether she's placing dewdrops on a spider web or training tadpoles to blow bubbles for the Autumn Festival, Silvermist is always cheerful.
Iridessa is a light fairy: Dess is a bright, perfectionist. When she hangs firefly lanterns for a celebration, every lantern will be placed just right and every firefly properly lit.
Fawn is an animal fairy: A pony-tailed tomboy full of laughter.  Fawn loves  playing with her animal friends. 
Fairy Mary is a tinker fairy: Big, and bossy. Fairy Mary has grown to respect Tink' s tinkering talent... so she recommends Tink for the most honored assignment of creating the autumn scepter. 
Clank and Bobble are tinker fairies from the first movie: They are boy tinkers and best friends who love their jobs. Clank is a big lug who always has his ears plugged with fluff (for banging on stuff), so he s always shouting. Bobble is a little guy with dewdrop goggles (for detail work) whose myopia often gets him in others personal space he s a close talker . They re good-natured geeks who are always talking shop.
Queen Clarion: She practically IS Mother Nature and is like a Mother to all the fairies. Kind, loving, but also serious and firm when needed.
Vidia is a fast-flying fairy: Vidia is a loner; she is one of the most special of special talent fairies and makes sure everyone knows it. She is about the fastest of all the fairies.
For a peek into Tink's world, check out the Tinkerbell book series.